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Downcutting impacts water resource management

Downcutting is a type of geological erosion. When water moves through a channel at a…

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Utility Easement Rights

Utility easement rights: Understanding project, legal, and landowner implications

Utility easement rights can be extremely complicated and vary widely among locations. A documented easement…

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Wastewater Collection System Design

Wastewater Collection System Design FAQ

Wastewater collection system design is integral to the proper management of a community’s water resource…

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Texas GIS Map

Texas GIS Map Guides Planning

A Texas GIS map has many applications when planning, implementing, and maintaining community infrastructure. A…

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Floodplain Development Permit

Floodplain Development Permit Needs

A floodplain development permit is required before any construction or development of any type begins…

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Environment Studies

Environment Studies and Sustainable Community Planning

Environment studies are imperative for community decision makers. These reports contain empirical data of the…

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National Flood Experts

National Flood Experts Predict Higher Flood Incidents

National flood experts collect and interpret data regarding water movement. These observations have multiple applications…

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Water Distribution System

Water Distribution System FAQs

A water distribution system is a form of infrastructure installed and maintained by a community…

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FEMA Floodplain Map

What is a FEMA Floodplain Map?

FEMA floodplain maps are important tools used by communities to analyze potential flood damage by…

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What Is Civil Engineering

What is Civil Engineering?

What is civil engineering, anyway? The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) states, “Civil engineers…

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Dam and Levee Safety and Floodplain Risk Analysis

Analysis of dams and levees within the context of adjacent floodplain management and planning is…

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Phase Construction Services

What are Phase Construction Services?

What are Phase Construction Services? Phase construction services are project management services provided by an…

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Substantial Damage Estimator

Substantial Damage Estimator from FEMA

The FEMA substantial damage estimator is one of the tools used to assess the state…

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Facility Condition Assessment Services

Facility Condition Assessment Services and Sustainability

Population growth in urban settings creates unique challenges. Community infrastructure systems are undergoing elevated stress.…

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Environmental Licenses And Permits

Environmental Licenses and Permits For Civil Engineering Projects

Environmental licenses and permits are an essential part of implementing a civil engineering project. The…

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What Is Environmental Design

What is Environmental Design?

We are constantly striving to find better ways to protect our planet and make a…

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