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Architects work with spatial and design elements to create a functional, comprehensive, articulate, and aesthetic structural presentation. Architectural Design focuses on the initial conceptual, purpose and functional elements of the project, followed by the design and construction stages of design elaboration.  Each step is crucial for the appearance, operation, and safety of the structure and project. 

The four Architectural Project Phases are:

  1. Schematic Design – In the Schematic Design Phase, the Architect collects information from the client regarding the on the requirements, style, and desires for the project. Once gathered the information is translated into two or three initial design options for the client’s review.
  2. Design Development – In the Design Development Phase, with the gathered information in the SD phase, the Architectural team will develop the concepts into a client approved design merging all Engineering and Architectural elements.
  3. Construction Documents – During the Construction Documents Phase Architects develop finalized design details incorporating all Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical requirements to produce a functional and efficient building. A Contractor is selected for the project and the produced documents are provided for the Bidding and Construction Phases.
  4. Construction – The Construction Phase follows project permitting with the Architecture and Engineering Teams working throughout the duration of the production progression by the Contractor to ensure each design project solution is built according to the design intents.

OEI’s Architecture Department provides complete design processing combining the technological and the aesthetic elements of design objectives to fulfill building intentions according to the client’s requirements and resources setting the highest degree of artistic  and professional solutions. Developing all aspects of shape, dimensions, and function positioning, OEI’s Architectural Department Team designs integrated concepts into constructable assemblies organized into practical, well-designed, and efficient solutions.  Our experience encompasses the breadth of structural designs and construction including military installations and structures, hospitals, commercial and industrial, governmental facilities (including correctional, courthouse, and law enforcement), ecclesiastical and cathedral, offices, residential & multi-family, and mixed use.

Our team of registered architects (RA) and architectural designers embody OEI’s foundation built on: continuous improvement, competency, teamwork, ownership (of the project/project goal), and ethical behavior.