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OEI’s dedication to cost effectiveness and high quality results goes beyond the demands of success in a competitive market environment; it is our belief, proven in project after project, that economy is fundamental to innovation as well as to sustainability.

Over the years, OEI has developed creative, economical solutions to unique problems while efficiently offering routine solutions on less complex issues. We expertly navigate surface water issues, enabling us to pass on this knowledge to our clients, providing you with outstanding project results by identifying the cause of the problem, expertly providing solutions, and assisting you with the implementation.

We are excited to announce Jim O’Brien’s patent-pending approach to solve our biggest water problems: flooding, droughts, aging dam infrastructure, and depleting aquifers.  Read about it here!

Project Management Efficiency: OEI was able to save a government/educational facility nearly $1M in construction costs after researching and discovering an innovative method involving a multidiscipline approach between geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, landscape architectural, and hydraulic disciplines.

Modeling Proficiencies: OEI was able to determine, through expert complex software modeling (HEC programs and GIS), how to facilitate a private developer in saving nearly $4.5M in drainage construction costs on an initial $6M budget.

Jurisdictional Complexities: OEI, for an owner of industrial property with floodplain land subject to the jurisdiction of five separate agencies, identified a path to accomplish the project, satisfying all criteria and gaining a net value at more than $1M.

Environmental Stewardship: OEI managed a multidiscipline team on a project on an infantry training camp for the Texas Army National Guard, and, because of an understanding of some of the complex components of the environment, water, and soil conditions, was able to save the National Guard substantial construction costs as well as preserve the environment around the site.

Regulatory Agency Coordination: After 14 months waiting in regulatory approval limbo with another firm, OEI got involved and received all jurisdictional approvals within 120 days.  A large commercial development was on the verge of failure because of the delays when OEI identified the problems stalling – stopping – the process and obtained the permitting.

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