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Find your last architecture or engineering job with OEI, where teamwork is more than a tagline. OEI is a team of industry experts and hardworkers whose competencies provide intrinsic value for our organization and culture. We recognize that you’ve worked hard to get where you are. At OEI, we have, too.

OEI Is More Than an Architecture or Engineering Job

What we’ve built over the last 30+ years is a reputation that our public and private sector clients know and trust. The way we’ve done it is being very clear with our expectations for every single OEI employee, at every level, from the beginning: this foundation is at the heart of what makes OEI a great place to work, while also making us great at what we do.

Ask yourself: Do I exemplify these values as an individual, as a professional, and on every architecture or engineering job site?


Am I aware of my role and responsibilities on the job and within my team?


Am I willing to work within the framework of a knowledgeable team and sometimes defer to the expertise of others?

Continuous Improvement

 Do I have a strong work ethic and am I proactive in seeking personal, professional, and corporate improvement opportunities?


Do I believe that my knowledge, experience, attitude, and skills combined deliver competence in my area of expertise?

Ethical Behavior

Am I trustworthy and truthful, and do I always do the right thing, no matter who is looking?

If you can answer “yes” to every one of these questions, OEI wants to talk with you about joining our team. We’re serious about delivering exceptional service to our clients, pursuing innovation, and finding new and better ways to do what we do. If that sounds like a challenge you’re ready to pursue, contact us. Let’s talk.

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