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O’Brien Engineering, Inc. (OEI) is officed in North Texas.  And, for more than 35 years, we have provided engineering and architecture services locally, regionally, and nationally,  solving horizontal and vertical facility client needs in the federal, healthcare, municipal, state, and industrial client sectors.

Engineering and Architecture Services with a thorough Project Management process.

Times and regulatory processes are changing. Never before has it been so important to obtain qualified and timely design, analysis, and support services. In addition, those services must be executed with a project management process in place that is easily understood, efficiently implemented, and expertly executed.

Balancing Technical and Regulatory Details

With the exponential increase in regulatory requirements, technical challenges often pale in comparison to the complexities of navigating approval processes with seemingly conflicting objectives. The success of a project can hinge solely on the proficiency and awareness of your design team. Nevertheless, performing highly technical services requires a keen eye for detail that OEI has fully developed and thoroughly communicated throughout our organization.

OEI professionals have assisted our clients in addressing not only the technical aspects of their projects, but also in meeting the requirements of federal, state, and local regulations. It is always our goal to maintain a high level of awareness of your needs for profitability and timeliness.

Our Growing Services Menu

OEI now provides a wide range of design and design support services to clients nationwide including full engineering and architecture services, design, analysis, and studies (architecture, interior design, civil, mechanical, electrical, plumbing); real estate services (ROW, mapping); specialty water resources services (1D and 2D modeling, analysis, design, permitting for dams/levees, floodplain management, drainage facilities, and flood studies); and construction phase services.

Putting Our Mission and Values to Work

OEI is a team of thinkers and doers whose commitment to excellence and innovation is an expression of our deeper, shared values. Our five foundations guide our company’s work and culture make OEI a different kind of company with a focus on people and honesty.

“[OEI] put in the hard work to ensure the project was provided in a timely manner…they had the best attitude toward the project…provided unconditional support to the USACE during very difficult and uncomfortable situations…” – USACE Fort Worth Task Order VERY GOOD CPARS

OEI Foundations