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Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering services are parts of the fundamental prerequisites of all of today’s successful construction projects. Modern MEP Professional Engineers are responsible for the conceptual development, planning, design, and construction of all phases of the structure’s creation and field operations.  In addition to planning and design, MEP Engineering practices include the development of policies, specifications, and standards; code compliance; condition assessments; documentation and building inspections to ensure adherence to design intents and exceptional quality; and cost estimation maintaining budgetary compliance.

About OEI’s MEP Design Services


The MEP professional is a key element in providing leadership and supervision, maintaining progressive project direction, and safeguarding quality throughout the entirety of the design and construction processes.

OEI focuses on providing an all-inclusive package of services performing in-house Engineering, Architectural, Organizational, Project and Construction Management expertise. With experience in a variety of project delivery methods, a thorough understanding of specialty facility design, and an organizational commitment to providing sustainable and comprehensive solutions, our expertise includes new design, build management, existing site and building analysis, renovations, and restorations.  Our experience encompasses the breadth of structural designs and construction including military installations and structures, hospitals and other healthcare and medical facilities, commercial and industrial, governmental facilities (including correctional, courthouse, and law enforcement), ecclesiastical and cathedral, offices, residential and multi-family, and mixed use.

OEI’s projects include experience with mechanical (HVAC, chiller plants, boiler plants, energy audits, load studies, central utility plants, medical gas, and more), electrical (lighting, UPS, security, emergency, electrical distribution, and more), and plumbing (pumping, domestic water, and water distribution systems).


Our team of Professional Engineers (PE) and LEED Accredited Professionals embody OEI’s foundation built on: continuous improvement, competency, teamwork, ownership (of the project/project goal), and ethical behavior.  And, with the high volume of medical/healthcare project work OEI has, we fully understand the need to minimally impact ongoing operations of a facility while we conduct our scope of work for our clients.