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Environment Studies

Environment Studies and Sustainable Community Planning

Environment studies are imperative for community decision makers. These reports contain empirical data of the environmental impact of current or potential infrastructure. 

The beginning of the industrial revolution created a need for regulations that prevent pollution. Introducing any type of waste substance into an environment can have major consequences to land, water, plants, animals, and people. 

Environmental engineering evolved from the need to ensure potential effects from infrastructure changes create minimal environmental impact and keep our air and water clean. Environment studies help engineers and decision makers ensure this outcome.

Areas of Environmental Science

There are five general categories of environmental science that serve as a foundation for environment studies. These categories are:

  • Atmospheric
  • Ecological
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Geoscience
  • Social Science

A detailed study includes information from all of these categories to provide the best environmental impact understanding.

A study is not just the numbers. This data must be interpreted and applied, predicting potential future risks, and proposing mitigation steps. Civil and environmental engineers must work together to analyze each of these categories to ensure minimal impact and maximum sustainability. 

OEI’s multidisciplinary team of civil, environmental, and MEP engineers expertly collaborate to create the environment studies your community needs to ensure infrastructure sustainability while protecting our planet for generations to come. 

Environment Studies from OEI 

OEI provides multipurpose solutions to any water surface problem. Our experience providing lasting sustainable solutions is unmatched in the industry. Expertly prepared and presented studies provide our multilevel clients with the information to make decisions regarding proposed projects and potential rehabilitation needs. 

Every man-made piece of infrastructure has an environmental impact of some kind. Analyzing this impact and mitigating the negative effects of a project make the result more sustainable.

Invest in the future of your infrastructure today to make a better future. Contact us to learn more about how studies of infrastructure environmental impact and risk analysis will start you on the path to creating a more sustainable community.