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National Flood Experts

National Flood Experts Predict Higher Flood Incidents

National flood experts collect and interpret data regarding water movement. These observations have multiple applications including the prediction of future event intensity, rate of occurrence, and response recommendations. The results of new studies indicate the coastal areas of the United States, including the gulf of Mexico, will see a higher rate of flooding in the not so distant future. 

Tide Pattern Changes

Floods of greater intensity, associated with significant weather events and changes in tide patterns, will cause more coastal areas to be at a higher risk for flood damage. National flood experts say the two main causes of increased flooding are rising sea levels, resulting from climate change, and the moon. The moon is getting ready to move into the phase of its regular 18-year cycle, which historically results in higher water levels during high tide. 

Communities Take Action

Many cities, such Galveston, TX, are taking steps to prepare for these predicted changes. Multiple agencies, including national flood experts, must work together to evaluate, update, and implement plans now in order to be fully prepared before flooding risk increases. 

Steps communities are taking include:

  • Analyzing current infrastructure
  • Rehabilitation or new mitigation construction
  • Updating floodplain maps
  • Updating water resource management systems
  • Risk analysis
  • FEMA coordination
  • Shelter and evacuation plans
  • Educating citizens about risks and resources

These and many more objectives must be considered when preparing a community to respond to a natural emergency. The best step any city can take is to coordinate with national flood experts.

OEI National Flood Experts

OEI is a leading Texas engineering firm with over three decades of experience specializing in water resource management. Our extensive menu of services and experience includes successful coordination among multiple agencies to reduce flood risk over large areas. Are you a community planner or landowner interested in reducing the impact of major water events? 

Contact OEI to discuss the steps you can take now to protect people and property from a major flooding event. If you’re interested in getting involved in long-term water resource management solutions, find out more about an innovative proposal by OEI’s founder Jim O’Brien to address the water needs of Texans for generations to come.