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Water Distribution System

Water Distribution System FAQs

A water distribution system is a form of infrastructure installed and maintained by a community to provide access to clean water and remove waste water. In their simplest form, these systems move water from a source or storage facility to a consumer, then take wastewater to a treatment facility. 

A survey of American households estimated 0.41% of occupied homes do not have access to complete plumbing. This seems like a small number, but in reality it represents almost half a million homes. 

Community planners and government officials are tasked with creating solutions that provide all citizens access to clean water. Decision makers are faced with many options with the creation and maintenance of their community’s infrastructure, and that’s where firms like OEI can help provide customized solutions for each community.

Are There Different Types of Water Distribution Systems?

When it comes to design, civil engineers choose one of four types of systems: 

  • Dead End or Tree System
  • Radial System
  • Gridiron System
  • Ring or Circular System

Each system has unique benefits and challenges depending on the solution needed and factors such as current infrastructure age or community population and area.

What is the Preferred Design Choice? 

Each type of water distribution system has appropriate applications, but the preferred system in new developments are gridiron designs. These systems create a continuous flow of water, resulting in fewer pressure issues. The rectangular system of pipes also allows for bypasses that prevent disruption of water flow during repairs or maintenance.

Do These Systems Guarantee Access to Clean Water? 

There are many factors that require attention in order to maintain consistent access to clean water. Proper monitoring and maintenance requires collaboration among government officials, citizens, and industry experts. There is always the chance of an issue, but a well thought out water distribution system will increase consistent access to clean water for all.

OEI Municipal Capabilities

Implementing efficient solutions that minimize cost while maintaining reliability is a goal of many community planners. OEI’s expert water resource management team provides services such as studies, analysis, renovation, or complete design and build solutions for all water resource management needs. Our experience in analyzing existing systems and creating budget friendly solutions can help guide community decision makers and provide citizens with the best water resource management infrastructure options.

OEI is committed to meeting the needs of our municipal clients and their citizens by expertly defining problems and creating innovative and sustainable solutions. Contact us today to learn more about updating your community’s water resource infrastructure.