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Safety First!

Safety is a huge part of our business - which is why we were interested to read about how radar is preventing road and workplace fatalities, partially by eliminating blind spots!

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#ICYMI: O'Brien Engineering, Inc is proud to announce that by winning VISN 22, we will be providing a broad range of A/E services under a new 5-year $20M IDIQ contract on VA facilities (hospitals, clinics, administrate, infrastructure) in California, Arizona…

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Read a Book Day!

Looking for a good #CivilEngineering book to read today in celebration of #ReadABookDay? GoodReads has 428 books listed on their Civil Engineering shelf. The only question is: which one?!

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Ecological Society of America

Per a presentation at the Ecological Society of America, water retention basins used for flood prevention or management could also have a future in controlling nitrogen runoff, which is important for river or lake ecosystems.

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