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Texas GIS Map

Texas GIS Map Guides Planning

A Texas GIS map has many applications when planning, implementing, and maintaining community infrastructure. A geographic information system (GIS) is a computer representation of specific data sets that can be layered and analyzed. GIS technology is used in almost every industry with a multitude of practical applications. 

Mapping Benefits

The ability to layer data that creates visual representations for analysis is an imperative tool for complex infrastructure systems. Three big picture benefits of using GIS mapping to plan a community are: 

Lower costs. With advanced remote sensing, GIS maps can reach previously unattainable sites. The ability to collect and analyze previously unreachable data reduces the need for site visits and can identify potential problems before a critical event. 

Better Decision Making. GIS maps create visual representations to help decision makers better conceptualize current conditions and proposed action. Precise analysis also helps target the best locations for zoning and project implementation sites. 

Better communication. Community planning involves many overlapping fields and jurisdictions. GIS maps allow professionals to extrapolate different information from the same data or overlay data sets to show potential conflict or overlap.

By creating a standard system of reporting, GIS maps compile many sets of data to show how they relate, plus the status or potential impact of a project or system. 

Texas GIS Map Applications

Extensive database tools are available for civil engineers and community planners to access information when creating a Texas GIS map of a specific area of interest.

In civil engineering, GIS maps can be applied to:

  • Structural analysis
  • Transportation trends
  • Determining project build site location
  • Watershed analysis 
  • Impact studies

Civil engineers and other community officials can use a GIS map to overlay future plans with current and historical data to identify potential concerns. This information can then be used to create the best plans for their community‚Äôs specific needs. 

Flood Map Updates

GIS maps are a reliable tool we apply to almost all our water resource projects. Our work with FEMA includes creating a Texas GIS map to provide counties with data used to update area flood maps. The detailed analysis of water resource management systems gives needed information to create proactive response plans that save resources and lives in the event of a significant water related weather event. 

Contact OEI today to learn more about how your community can benefit from GIS map analysis. OEI will analyze the current state of your water resource system to determine if your flood maps are up to date or in need of a FEMA Letter of Map Change (LOMC).