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Dam and Levee Safety and Floodplain Risk Analysis

Analysis of dams and levees within the context of adjacent floodplain management and planning is a practice that evolves over time. With more information about past structure failures, industry experts are able to use current trends and technologies to create better processes increasing structure viability and safety. 

FEMA Dam and Levee Safety Analysis

In 2013, FEMA asked a group of experts to analyze case studies and create a resource to present lessons learned. The Association of State Dam Safety Officials hosts this information. Part of their education program includes a series focused on best practices in dam and levee safety risk analysis and floodplain planning.

The 8 Part Education Series

The risk analysis education series is endorsed by the US Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation and the US Army Corp of Engineers, and is made up of eight presentations:

  1. Risk Analysis Basics
  2. Loading – Hydrologic and seismic hazards
  3. Consequences – What happens if failure occurs?
  4. Embankments and Foundations 
  • Erosion 
  • Flood overtopping 
  • Slope instability
  • Concrete issues 
  • Seismic risks
  1. Concrete Structures
  • Material properties
  • Structure Types
  1. Hydraulic Failure Modes
  2. Gate Risks – Failure types and probability
  3. Other Risks

By following the presented information, engineers are given the best procedures to recognize areas of potential failure and guidelines to justify rehabilitation design specifications. Engineers and officials must continue working together to elevate industry standards to deliver reliable water resources to our nation and its citizens, and safety resources such as this one are imperative for continuous analysis and improvement.

OEI Dam, Levee, and Floodplain Safety 

OEI’s water resource management team has over thirty years of experience providing dam and levee safety services. These services include the most current techniques and best practices in dam and levee safety risk analysis and adequate flood mitigation planning. Our positive relationship and experience with FEMA make us a leading firm concerning structure analysis and rehabilitation solutions. Contact us to ensure your dam or levee meets the most up-to-date standards, and that your floodplain solutions can help protect your community for generations to come.