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Phase Construction Services

What are Phase Construction Services?

What are Phase Construction Services?

Phase construction services are project management services provided by an expert to ensure each step or phase of a project is properly completed. Each phase of a construction project takes specific skills to coordinate while ensuring a quality end product that aligns with regulations and stakeholder expectations. 

5 Steps of Phase Construction Services

There are five project management steps or phases generally accepted across multiple industries. These steps can be applied to any project to improve organizational efficiency and consistency of the final product. 

Phase 1: Project Creation. A project begins when a specific construction need is identified. Then, the proper qualified professionals are recruited to continue the process. 

Phase 2: Development and Planning. This phase focuses on developing a solution to the identified need. In construction, this includes creating designs and completing required documentation. 

Phase 3: Beginning of Implementation. Once proper authorization and a viable design are approved, construction can begin. This phase includes site acquisition and preparation as well as acquiring proper construction materials. 

Phase 4: Management. During this stage, a project manager monitors construction progress, ensuring the project stays within timeline requirements while also upholding best practices when it comes to safety and techniques. 

Phase 5: Completion and Evaluation. When a project is complete, a project manager provides quality assurance with a thorough evaluation. 

Expert project managers complete each phase with accuracy, making them an integral part of any construction team. 

The Benefits of Quality Project Management

The work of a project manager has many benefits. Here are three ways proper management increases project efficiency and diminishes delays:

  • Reliable communication: A project manager regularly communicates and coordinates between the construction crew and client. 
  • Respecting project scope: Every project has predetermined goals regarding budget and timeline. Project managers understand these goals. They evaluate and make changes as needed to stay within scope. 
  • Quick problem solving: Unexpected challenges arise with any project. Project managers quickly assess issues and make recommendations that negate or minimize delays. 

Active project management is essential to the success of any construction project. 

OEI Phase Construction Services

OEI offers complete phase construction services. From project conception to completion, our expert certified engineers and project managers work with clients to ensure success during every phase of their unique project

Our record of success working with clients from local to federal levels shows our expertise when it comes to meeting our clients’ specific needs. The proper implementation of our phase construction services ensure each project is completed within timeline and budget goals. 

Contact us today to discuss how OEI’s phase construction management team can help coordinate your next project.