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Facility Condition Assessment Services

Facility Condition Assessment Services and Sustainability

Population growth in urban settings creates unique challenges. Community infrastructure systems are undergoing elevated stress. These stresses increase the urgency for community planners to evaluate and plan for future generations. Facility condition assessment services are needed to aid planners in making informed decisions.

The ability to properly evaluate the state of infrastructure greatly impacts the level to which a specific asset will support a community. It is imperative for community planners to engage with engineering firms who provide the best facility condition assessment services to serve citizens for years to come. By evaluating and creating budgets and plans, communities can extend the life of their assets.

What are Facility Condition Assessment Services?

Facility condition assessment services include specialized analysis and recommendations used as a tool to increase a community’s sustainability. Specific information is gathered by an expert team, interpreted, and reported. The information provided includes the current condition of a piece of infrastructure and the level to which it is meeting its intended purpose. 

Based on assessment findings and recommendations, community planners are better able to prioritize repairs, rehabilitation plans, budgeting, and timelines.

Sustainability Case Study

ASCE recently released part three of an ongoing video series on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion focused on best practices in engineering. This video addresses how engineers and community planners work together to increase sustainability, providing examples from several community sustainability projects throughout the United States.

Communities are looking to use assets already in their possession to better serve citizens. Facility condition assessment services are vital to decision makers as they assess project impact. By engaging the community in planning conversations, multi-function solutions are found to benefit all local stakeholders. 

OEI Facility Condition Assessment Services

Engineers make a difference. Their ability to evaluate and adapt to ever-changing challenges and demands for greater sustainability help communities thrive. As the concept of sustainability evolves, engineers will meet the challenge. 

OEI’s extensive menu of services demonstrate our ability to manage complex challenges that involve multiple levels of jurisdiction. Our precise evaluation and recommendations make us a leading engineering firm with experience including assessments for national level clients such as USACE.

The OEI team is always ready to serve communities looking for more sustainable infrastructure solutions. Contact us today to assess your community’s plan for a future that’s focused on growth and doing what’s best for everyone involved.