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What Is Environmental Design

What is Environmental Design?

We are constantly striving to find better ways to protect our planet and make a positive impact on our future generations. What is environmental design’s role in that process when applied by the engineering industry?

Environmental design creates spaces that enhance or preserve natural aspects of a designated area. These designs are also integrated into preservation plans and policies. The resources we budget and the plans we create to lessen environmental impact will determine future access to resources and stable infrastructure. 

What is Environmental Design within the Scope of Engineering? 

Engineers are increasingly challenged to create more sustainable solutions, incorporating more conservation into their designs. This includes dual purpose spaces as well as what materials are used to create them. Finding inventive ways to apply sustainable solutions lowers cost and prevents future ecological issues.

A Civil & Structural Engineer article from spring 2021 discusses several sustainable site design trends in the architectural and engineering industry. These trends include such practices as:

  • Alternate parking lot design
  • Increased use of green spaces
  • Alternate mobility initiatives such as public transit systems
  • Better stormwater management systems

The combined benefits of respecting the environment and creating a unique solution to a complex challenge will have a positive impact for future generations. 

OEI Analysis of Environmental Impact

OEI provides expert water resource management services. One of the first questions we must incorporate into feasibility studies is twofold: what is environmental design for this specific application, and how do we incorporate sustainable design within the project scope? 

From design to implementation, OEI has the experience to solve the most complex water resource challenge while minimizing environmental impact. We actively monitor our project during construction phases to ensure compliance with approved plans and environmental regulations. Learn more about our extensive experience completing complex water resource management projects representing private, municipal, and federal clients, and see what OEI can do to find you an environmentally conscious solution to your water resource needs.