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FEMA Floodplain Maps

FEMA Floodplain Maps and Community Planning

Community planners, business representatives, and citizens are all at risk due to the unpredictability of floods. Tools such as FEMA floodplain maps are an integral part of risk reduction and land use decisions. 

What are FEMA Floodplain Maps?

A floodplain map shows the boundaries of a flood zone. The ultimate goal of these types of maps is to aid decision making when it comes to land development and resource management. Knowing which areas prone to flooding helps to reduce the risk of property damage and loss of life. Knowledge of flood areas also helps to retain water resources to be used in times of drought. 

Benefits of Natural Floodplains

According to FEMA, “Natural floodplains provide flood risk reduction benefits by slowing runoff and storing flood water. They also provide other benefits of considerable economic, social, and environmental value that are often overlooked when local land-use decisions are made.”

Creating a natural ecological system that promotes habitat protection provides economic and environmental benefits. Many of these areas also double as outdoor recreation destinations, providing social opportunities for local residents. Economic benefits include reduced cost associated with damage repairs, and the ability to redirect flood water resources to positive use such as irrigation. Greater erosion control also lowers the cost of maintenance.

OEI Partners with FEMA

OEI maintains a positive relationship with FEMA. Our extensive experience involving analysis and mapping makes us one of the leading floodplain management firms. By assisting our clients with FEMA floodplain maps and coordination, permitting and approval processes are streamlined to provide for timely project completion. 

As a recognized expert partner with FEMA, OEI provides many floodplain services that include:

  • Damage assessments after disaster occurrence
  • Flood map modernization
  • Grant reviews
  • And more

Contact OEI today to experience a streamlined permitting process that will help your community increase flood related safety and resource management strategy effectiveness.