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How design has changed since 9/11

Prior to 9/11, buildings were designed with defenses against total destruction. There was little known or understood, however, about progressive collapse. This is when primary structures are affected or destroyed, resulting in weakness of adjoining structures. In the years since…

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The Fatal Four

GFA International, Inc. compiled the presentation in the following link, which focuses on important health and safety information for Civil Engineers. It includes a detailed look at the "Fatal Four", how and why to implement safety programs, as well as…

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OEI: Certified Floodplain Manager

A flood plain civil engineer that has the expertise to be most helpful is called a “Certified Floodplain Manager” or CFM. This Civil Engineer knows the regulations, conditions and processes of FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program and has…

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Post Water Resources Summit

OEI attended The Annual SAME Post Water Resources Summit on September 21 in which it served as a Sustaining Member Sponsor. "Nothing replaces in-person meetings," says OEI President, Jim O'Brien. "Even as engineers, we are missing the "human element,” like…

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Geographic Information Systems

OEI utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) on nearly all of our projects. Our team is proficient at putting to use the powerful tools that GIS offers, such as mapping and database development, which can help individuals and organizations better understand…

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