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The Acequias of San Antonio

The Acequias of San Antonio are one of the earliest engineered water management systems in the modern-day United States, constructed by Spanish settlers between 1718 and 1744. Today, nearly 300 years later, some sections of the Acequias still provide water…

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Have you gotten outside recently? Get outside, take a walk (responsibly, per your current local guidance and regulations) and celebrate #NationalScavengerHuntDay with a hunt! Living with children? Tailor it to their eyeline and interests. By yourself? Challenging yourself to find…

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Home Productivity

It may seem counter-intuitive to encourage remote employees to work LESS, but that’s just what this article says can help sharpen focus and improve productivity. #takefive #brainbreak #reconnect

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Access to adequate WASH infrastructure (water, sanitation, and hygeine), and the lack thereof, is being highlighted during the Coronavirus pandemic. Read more in this article from the American Society of Civil Engineers.

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