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Texas Flooding Fast Facts

When you create a new development like a road or building, the amount of land available to absorb water decreases. This environmental change increases the risk of Texas flooding. Knowing about flood risks and prevention are important to the longevity and safety of your project. 

Here are some flood basics from the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory:

1. Flooding occurs in every U.S. State and territory and can happen at any time during the year. 

2. Densely populated areas are at a high risk of flash flood. 

3. Flooding causes more damage in the U.S. than any other severe weather-related event.

4. There are several different types of floods. Each type has a different cause. For example, Texas flooding is commonly inland. Inland flooding is caused by rain over several days or an intense storm.

5. Flood detection and forecasting can be a challenge. Sometimes other severe weather events happen at the same time and eclipse the signs of an oncoming flood. 

OEI Water Management

The OEI Team is composed of water experts. We have extensive experience with many types of water control. Our natural resources and infrastructure services include:

  • Bank stabilization and erosion control
  • Dam and levee safety
  • Emergency fool response and flood damage
  • Flood reports, studies, and analysis
  • Paving and drainage

For over 30 years OEI has maintained partnerships with various North Texas communities and national organizations, such as FEMA, to control Texas flooding. We are proud of our work with the U.S. Corps of Engineers and the resulting after-action report in response to the historic Texas flooding in 2015 and 2016. 

By studying water problems and conducting inspections, our expert team of water resource engineers create effective plans for flood relief in Texas. Flooding continues to be a water management challenge, but OEI has the proficiency to meet your prevention and recovery needs.  
Visit our projects page for more information about all OEI can do for you.