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OEI Engineering

5 Core Foundations

O’Brien Engineering, Inc. (OEI) is committed to five core foundations that define our reputation and our future. We strive as individuals and a united OEI company to embody these foundations. This ensures we provide high-quality and consistent services for our clients.


We achieve success by being accountable for everything we say and do. OEI continually works to guard and strengthen our reputation. By placing high value on the importance of personal reputation, the company’s reputation is also safeguarded. 


The successful completion of a customer project is only possible through the work of the entire OEI Engineering team. We demonstrate the value of teamwork by showing respect, loyalty, kindness, and consideration for one another. We can do more together than we can alone.   

Continuous Improvement

Past successes are celebrated but we are never content to rest on the completion of one project. The OEI team has a strong work ethic and continues to improve on all levels: personal, professional, and corporate. 


Each OEI team member is hired for excellence. This excellence ensures our designs and solutions are successfully delivered to our customers. Every team member is knowledgeable and able to ensure each client gets the exact solution they need. 

Ethical Behavior

Integrity is a key part of the OEI structure. We are committed to integrity on all levels. We are honest, kind, and humble when interacting with clients and each other. All OEI team members treat others as they want to be treated. 

OEI: Committed to a Solid Foundation

Solving our clients’ problems is our purpose and passion. We take the time to understand unique project challenges through detailed analysis, then provide an all-inclusive solution. Dedication to our core foundations, purpose, and passion have made OEI the premier engineering firm it is today. Learn more about how our core foundations are at the heart of our business, and contact us today if you’re ready to start a project with a firm that shares your values.