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Floodplain Management Facts

Did you know that flooding is good for the health of a river and the plants and wildlife around it? Floodplains are the lowland areas on either side of a riverbank. The goal of floodplain management is to get all the benefits of a flood while reducing danger and damage. 

Floodplains are the primary place water travels when it can no longer be contained by the banks of a river. Any structure in this area is at a high risk of damage from flooding. These areas might pose a dangerous risk to people and our developments, but they provide many benefits to nature.

Floodplain Management Strategies 

Our certified floodplain management team at OEI is ready to consult and develop the best strategies for your water control needs. We have extensive experience partnering with FEMA and other organizations to assess water movement and risk to develop effective strategies. 

The goal of floodplain management is to protect communities from flooding; and FEMA has several suggested strategies, including:

Reshape Human Susceptibility to Flood Damage

Mitigating risk is a priority for floodplain management. OEI will assess an area and create a plan to help municipalities make safe zoning decisions. Our certified architecture and engineering teams will also design and build new flood proof structures or retrofit existing infrastructure. 

Change the Impact of Flooding

OEI develops risk assessment and post-flood recovery plans. We coordinate between our clients and FEMA. This coordination helps with permitting and grant review for impact studies, prevention, and recovery. OEI also provides bank stabilization and erosion control. Maintaining healthy riverbanks can also slow down flooding. 

Adapt Flooding 

Inspection and rehabilitation of dams and levees is an important service provided by OEI. Properly maintaining dams and levees leads to more efficient systems to store excess runoff. 

Preserve and Restore Natural Resources 

By adapting flood water movement, more water can be retained than lost from runoff. This prevents damage and recharges water resources that can be used in times of drought. OEI conducts flood reports, studies, and analyses that can be used to create a plan to update water systems. 

Through intentional zoning, floodplains can also serve as areas for natural wildlife conservation and recreational areas. 

Find Your StrategyOEI is ready to help find the right floodplain management for you. From private landowners to national organizations, we have the experience and expertise to create an economic and impactful strategy. Contact us today to find the floodplain management strategy that is right for your unique flooding situation.