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Fort Worth Corp Of Engineers

Fort Worth Corp of Engineers Seeks New Options in Sustainability Mission

The Fort Worth Corp of Engineers works with the greater U.S. Army Corp of Engineers to increase sustainability and innovation through new approaches to environmental engineering. Seeking a balance between human developments and natural systems is a goal of the Fort Worth Corp of Engineers missions, facilities, and operations. Being aware of this balanced helps create higher sustainability of resources and reduces the negative impact of human development on the natural environment. 

Part of the Fort Worth Corp of Engineers sustainability mission is looking at new materials to be used in environmental engineering projects.  

Making Biodegradable Plastics from Sludge

A recent study done at Texas A&M University College of Engineering discovered a salt-tolerant bacterium that can be introduced to sewage sludge to create biodegradable plastics.  

With over seven million tons of sewage sludge being generated every year in the United States, could this be the solution that will keep it out of our landfills? 

Zobellella dentrificans ZD1 is a bacterium that can absorb sewage sludge and other wastewater to produce a type of polymer. This product can then be used as a substitute for petroleum-based plastics.

Being able to use these types of substitutes reduces cost to manufacture bioplastics. Reducing manufacturing costs make biodegradable plastics more competitive as a sustainable material options instead of regular petroleum-based plastics. 

Read more about this sludge eating bacteria here

OEI and Innovative Solutions
OEI works with the Fort Worth Corps of Engineers and other public and private organizations and clients to find innovative ways to manage wastewater and solid waste.  We work together to develop and streamline best practices that can be consistently applied across all projects. Our dedication to find and use sustainable materials guides our clients to creative environmental engineering solutions today while sustaining resources for future generations.