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As a recognized expert in surface water analysis and civil design, OEI has a high volume of hydraulic and hydrologic projects. We were established as a water resources firm three decades ago and we remain true to this core competency, continuously adding to our successes of solving thousands of flooding and drainage issues.

Complex and Basic Hydraulic and Hydrologic Modeling, Analysis, and Design
1-D and 2-D
Floodplain Management, Reclamation, Permitting
Master Drainage Studies, Design, Analysis, and Remediation
Dam and Levee Safety: Inundation Maps and Breach Analysis, Emergency Action Plans (EAP), Inspections and Evaluations, Rehabilitations and Construction Drawings and Management
Flood Control and Studies

Modeling and Analysis
Floodplain Reclamation
Stakeholder Coordination and Communication
Letters of Map Change/Amendment/Revision

Using state-of-the-art software – and highly trained, educated, and knowledgeable users – OEI provides complex drainage design, analysis, and remediation services to municipal, federal, higher education, and private entities.  Our capabilities include 1-D and 2-D modeling / steady and unsteady state, GIS database development, forensic engineering, construction drawings, and construction management.

For drainage and flooding situations, OEI’s experience includes:

Analysis and Research (hydraulic, hydrologic, meteorological)
Expert Testimony (60+ cases to date)

Inspections and Evaluations
Breach/Break Analysis
Inundation Mapping
Emergency Action Plans (EAPs)
Operations and Maintenance Manuals (O&M)
Construction Drawings
Construction Phase Services

Wetland, ESA, Endangered Species
Solid Waste/Landfill Permits
Dam Permits

OEI utilizes GIS on nearly all of our projects.  Our team is proficient in putting to use the powerful tools that GIS offers, such as mapping and database development.

Construction Drawing Preparation

Strategic Regulatory Permitting is a term we developed after working with our clients on complex, multi-jurisdictional sites over three decades and honing our expertise in reliably navigating this often hairy process.

Since OEI has been resolving surface water issues for 30 years, we have developed efficiencies in streamlining the permitting processes and developing relationships with and a reputation among regulatory agencies, deftly navigating and working within the parameters of the complex regulatory process. Various regulatory agency rules often compete – and conflict – with each other on the same property. Most local firms have not been working long enough or focused enough within this thorny specialized sector; so, they run into setbacks. Which means more costly, longer periods of regulatory approval. How do we know? Because we have dozens and dozens of clients who started working with other engineers or firms, before giving up and finding us.

Over 1000 LOMCs Submitted

Few firms, let alone small businesses, can say they have submitted about 1000 requests for Letter of Map Change (LOMC – Letter of Map Revision, Letter of Map Amendment) to FEMA.  Not only have we prepared this stunning number, our success rate speaks for itself: OEI has never been denied nor have our requests on behalf of our clients ever been substantively modified.

We successfully navigate the permitting process time and time and time again.

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