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Water Management Resolutions

OEI is a leading engineering company specializing in water management. It is our intention to find the best solution to control water movement. By continuing to set high goals for water management solutions, OEI provides designs that reduce damage and maximize water usage. The core values of our business build a strong organizational foundation that ensures a successful project from design to build completion. 

Budget Minded

As the world changes, water management systems need to change to support growing demand and depleting resources. It is OEI’s belief, proven in our vast range of projects, that economy is fundamental to innovation as well as sustainability. 

Our strong work ethic leads to continued improvement. OEI’s team actively pursues new technologies and materials. Environmentally friendly materials that require less maintenance make builds more economical. By being mindful of the project’s overall goals, we provide the best possible result while honoring budget and timeline demands. 

Market Demand

Our dedication to cost effectiveness and high-quality results goes beyond the demands of success in a competitive market. We complete projects within budget but also complete projects with the highest quality of materials and workmanship. 

OEI rises above our competitors by building our team with reliable people who excel in the fields of architecture and engineering. In addition to providing a competitive plan, OEI remains engaged through the entire build process, including permitting and coordination with regulatory agencies. 

Right the First Time

Competence leads to economy. OEI takes the time to properly analyze a water management problem to create the most effective solution. With over three decades of experience, we can easily identify solutions to water conservation, allocation, and flood control. Our highly capable team innovates a sustainable solution the first time by knowing exact project details, timelines, and budget. 

Contact us today to find out how we can find a solution to your water management problem.