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Surface Water Management

With over 30 years of experience solving surface water issues, OEI has developed efficient processes to streamline permitting. We also developed and continue to cultivate solid relationships and a positive reputation with regulatory agencies. These relationships and best practices enable OEI to effectively work within the parameters of a complex regulatory process. 

Our environmental design services help agencies on all levels solve surface water issues. Surface water issues result when systems that concern any above ground water fail to function in their intended manner. OEI consistently solves surface water issues regarding resource management associated with rivers, reservoirs, dams, and other water systems. 

Working with FEMA

Over time, the environment around a structure or water system changes. This is due to many factors both manmade and natural. These changes require flood maps to be revised. OEI is a FEMA permitted and certified professional organization. This means OEI works directly with FEMA on behalf of our clients to navigate the process to change flood zone designations

Did you know OEI has submitted over 1,000 requests for a Letter of Map Change to FEMA? This is a rare occurrence, especially for a small business. In addition to the number of requests, did you know that none of them have been denied?

Environment Services

In addition to flood mapping, we also offer other environmental design services. Surface water management and design also includes evaluating the impact of a project on the environment. OEI conducts environmental site assessments or ESAs to evaluate the impact a project will have on the environment and the property. Having an accurate ESA is an important tool when designing a complex solution that will need to go through an approval process. 

OIE also advises clients on solid water and landfill permits as well as dam permits. Our expert team explains the permitting process and will help to complete this process in an accurate manner that frees up time to complete the project on time. 
Contact us today so we can get started on your design and permit process. We look forward to working with you to solve your surface water management issue.