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Construction Administration

Construction Administration Ensures Pay-as-you-go Plan Success

The Build Houston Forward Initiative is a voter approved pay-as-you-go plan focused on rebuilding drainage systems and street infrastructure in the Midtown/Montrose area just outside of downtown Houston.  The unique structure of this plan allowed improvements and repairs to be made with incurring new debt.

The aging public works of Hoston needed to be upgraded. Upgrades and repairs included minor resurfacing to major rebuilding of sewer systems. This initiative solved many water management problems while respecting and maintaining the historic significance of the area through expert construction administration. Designs, build teams, local government, and other private civic organizations worked together to monitor the entire project. 

Historical Preservation

An interesting challenge needed to be taken into consideration while looking at updating systems to prevent flooding and other water management issues. The areas that needed upgrading have historical importance to the community.  

Many government officials and civic organizations worked together with the design and build teams to ensure the preservation of bricks that held historical significance to the area.  Through effective construction administration everyone was able to monitor each step of the project to ensure a safe engineering solution while respecting the history of the city. 

Construction Administration at OEI

The expert team members at OEI work together on a project from start to finish. Through hands on construction administration, team members work with clients during every step of the design and build process. When both design and build elements work together any challenges that arise during a project can be easily and quickly solved to the highest quality.  
Continual involvement through construction administration helps when various organizations need to collaborate to resolve a specific engineering challenge. Check out our work. OEI’s dedication to teamwork and project success is shown through our finished projects and the actions of our team.