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Dam Engineering

Environmental Stewardship

Being an environmental steward is important to us at OEI. We recently managed a multidisciplinary team during a dam engineering project on an infantry training camp for the Texas Army National Guard. Our team’s expertise of the complex components of the environment, water, and soil conditions greatly improved the outcome of the project. We were able to preserve the environment around the build site and substantially reduce construction costs.

Safety and the Environment

Dam and levee safety is one of OEI’s specialties. We regularly inspect dams for safety and then apply environmentally sound dam engineering techniques to produce a rehabilitation design. 

Dam engineering

OEI is mindful of the environmental impact of manmade engineering solutions. As OEI completes and takes on new dam engineering projects, we strive to incorporate sustainable materials and innovative practices. We take our responsibility to use and protect natural resources seriously. 

In 2017, OEI worked with the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service to complete an assessment and rehabilitation project of the Ratcliff Dam in Lufkin, Texas. OEI inspected the damaged area and determined the repairs needed for the dam and spillway. 

After OEI’s assessment, we were selected to create a rehabilitation design. These plans included design and construction administration for repairs of the dam structures as well as the access road. OEI also created erosion plans. For more detailed information on this project, read our federal experience booklet. 

Planning for the Future

OEI continues to learn and use innovative practices and materials in our projects. It is important to be mindful of the environmental impact of each engineering solution. While ensuring quality and safety of each solution, we also address the impact of the project on the environment. 

Our multi-disciplined team of highly skilled engineers creates dam engineering solutions that maintain the safety of communities by managing floods while also preventing erosion. 

By using sustainable practices and materials while respecting the existing environment, OEI creates solutions that will solve the problems of today while being a good steward of the environment for tomorrow. Contact us today for an innovative solution to your most complex project.