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O’Brien Engineering

O’Brien Engineering Independent Technical Reviews & Peer Reviews

Independent Technical Reviews and External Peer Reviews are a service provided by O’Brien Engineering, Inc (OEI). A review is when an independent expert gives an unbiased evaluation of a project. This evaluation helps ensure the project meets industry standards.

An external reviewer should have extensive experience in the discipline of the project. He or she should also not be connected to the creator of the project in any way that might impact the findings. Peer reviews do not take the place of quality control or other inspections.

Collaboration with many organizations and our knowledge of the engineering industry helps OEI streamline the review process.

ASCE Recommendations

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) promotes the use of peer reviews for projects. An external review can add confidence for designers and/or consultants. These reviews also assure clients of the quality of the proposed project plan.

The ASCE recommends peer reviews of the following projects:

  • A project that affects public health, safety, welfare, the environment, or national defense
  • If the project’s key function is for emergencies
  • Any time a new technique or untested material is used
  • In the case of project failure resulting in serious loss

O’Brien Engineering Peer Review Services

OEI provides peer review services to federal and municipal sectors.

On the Federal level, we provide subject matter expertise, including:

  • Independent External Peer Reviews
  • Independent Technical Reviews
  • Forensic Engineering

Our independent technical and external peer reviews on the municipal level include: 

  • Design
  • Constructability
  • Modeling

OEI recognizes the importance of external reviews and their impact on important decisions in the design and build process. Our experienced team will work within the roles set by the agency requesting the review and provide clear and concise reports based on industry standards.Contact OEI for your external review needs today.