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SAME Federal Small Business Conference

OEI Attends SAME Federal Small Business Conference

Representatives of OEI will attend the SAME Federal Small Business Conference being held this week. We look forward to participating as well as presenting. On Thursday, November 18, 2021, OEI founder Jim O’Brien will present in a session focused on how AEC strategies and protocols have changed due to the global pandemic. 

Post-Pandemic: Adjust Your Federal Strategies

During the session entitled Post-Pandemic: Adjust Your Federal Strategies, panel members address four questions focused on helping small businesses adjust to the effects of the pandemic on architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC). The panel lead by Joan Freitag includes Beth Harris, Miro Kurka, Laura Linn, and Jim O’Brien.

Three of the questions are:

  • How has the pandemic affected AEC Federal Business planning? 
  • What does it take to implement a post-pandemic Federal strategy?
  • What is the one thing I should do now to address the post-pandemic Federal client needs?

The fourth question will be addressed by OEI’s own Jim O’Brien.

Why Do I Need a Different Federal Strategy Post-Pandemic? 

Jim explains the goal of federal contracts is to win the contract, do effective and high-quality work that leads to winning more contracts, and ultimately to have a profitable business when the work is complete. To do this your strategies must evolve. If your market changes, you must change your strategy to win business. In some instances, only minor adjustments need to be made, in others an entirely new strategy must be developed. 

One of Jim’s examples is the increased use of electronic communication technology during the pandemic. Many firms were aware of online platforms but did not regularly use them. To succeed during the pandemic and maintain safe working environments, many offices shifted to online communication such as video conferencing instead of in-person meetings. These types of changes will permanently affect the landscape of the AEC industry. 

Jim’s advice is to constantly evaluate your strategies to exploit your strengths and guard your weaknesses. By being aware of your strategies and how they relate to industry you will be able to adjust as your market changes leading to continued success. 

OEI Pandemic Growth

The pandemic has impacted every person and industry. How industry and businesses respond is key to their success. Through effective leadership and a dedication to improve the engineering industry, OEI’s business and federal contract partnerships grew during the pandemic. By being engaged, knowledgeable, and flexible OEI was able to adjust and advise clients through this difficult time. 

OEI maintains positive and long-lasting relationships with our federal sector agencies such as 

FEMA. We provide streamlined services to address all our clients’ needs. These relationships include:

  • Contracted projects
  • Working with clients to navigate regulatory agencies
  • Peer reviews
  • And more 

By participating in events such as the SAME Federal Small Business Conference, OEI creates lasting connections within the AEC industry. By working together, we will be able to adjust to ever-changing demands and challenges.

Contact us today to discover how OEI can help navigate the complicated and dynamic AEC industry.