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Dam Rehabilitation North Texas

Flood Risk Assessment and Dam Rehabilitation, North Texas

Flooding can happen anywhere at any time of year and is the most common natural disaster in the United States. As occasions of extreme weather, including rate and severity of floods increase, communities need to take action to prevent damage and loss of life. By being proactive, communities can reduce risk and be prepared to respond when a flood occurs.

Science Daily reports on a 10-year study conducted at Louisiana State University that amassed an analyzed information on, “flood hazard, exposure, and vulnerability in counties throughout the U.S.”

The study found that residents of coastal areas are more aware of the impact of flooding, but growing inland developments are being constructed in flood zones. Many people that live and work in these areas do not understand the area is susceptible to flooding. 

Flooding Research, Education, and Zoning

The growing trend of developing land in areas of high flood risk is disquieting. More people and communities need to be educated on flood risk. Increased awareness of what they can do to diminish these threats to safety of both property and life is also needed. More time must be taken to research development locations and communities must learn the value of investing funds in the maintenance of infrastructure as well as emergency response and recovery plans. 

OEI Dam Rehabilitation, North Texas 

Three counties in the United States were identified as having the highest concentration of people living in flood zones. Galveston County, Texas ranked third with almost 83% of its population living in a flood zone. 

Science Daily states, “Climate change, land subsidence and new levees and dams will change long-term flood exposure. Therefore, the accuracy of flood maps must be investigated.”

As a water resource engineering firm operating in Texas, OEI is extremely concerned with mitigating the flood risk of Texas communities. Our work with advanced GIS mapping aids communities in identifying floodplains. 

OEI conducts dam rehabilitation in the north Texas region. Texas has many dams and levees that need to be updated for safety and function. From assessments to rehabilitation projects OEI helps monitor and maintain a dam to prevent failure keeping water resources contained and keeping communities safe from flooding. 

Flood Risk Assessments, Plans, and Response

OEI also conducts flood risk assessments and creates flood risk mitigation and emergency response plans. Other ways we can help clients ranging from private citizens living in flood zones to municipalities and larger regions are:

  • Bank Stabilization and Erosion Control
  • Emergency Response and Flood Damage Assessments
  • FEMA: coordinating, permitting, and grant review
  • Flood reports, studies, and analyses
  • Water system upgrades
  • And more

Through effective coordination across regions and disciplines OEI has provided our clients with solutions to the most complex flood risk mitigation challenges for more than three decades. Contact us to start the process of reducing the flood risk in your area.