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Environmental Engineering Facts

Environmental engineers play an important role in project design. They assess the impact of a design on factors such as plants, animals, people, air, soil, and water. Proper clean water and waste treatment plans are extremely important to the health and success of a community. 

At OEI, we work with clients from private, municipal, state, and federal agencies to solve flooding and drainage issues. These solutions also include working through an intricate process of regulations to meet government environmental requirements. 

Here are some fun facts to explain environmental engineering. 

Environmental Engineering Facts

  • Environmental Engineering is not new. According to an article on LiveScience, “Ever since groups of people began living in semi-permanent settlements, they have had to deal with the challenges of providing clean water and disposing of solid waste and sewage.” As civilizations grow, environmental engineers solve new and growing problems concerning the environment and how we interact with it. 
  • The principles of chemistry and biology are the primary tools of environmental engineers. Every time people build something new, an environmental engineer analyzes the impact of that project. They also use these principles to create new practices such as biofiltration or the use of wind energy. New ideas can replace outdated and sometimes harmful practices. 
  • Environmental engineers are inventors. Through continued research and development, environmental engineers invent new ways to keep our air and water clean. They also invent new ways to recycle materials or develop new materials that are safer for the environment. 

Check out our work to learn how OEI applies environmental engineering facts and practices to solve complicated engineering problems throughout the state of Texas and beyond. We reach our clients’ goals while maintaining high standards of environmental stewardship and future sustainability. Our experience in water resource management demonstrates our continued commitment to ensure safe solutions for all our clients’ needs.