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What is A/E Engineering?

A/E stands for architecture and engineering. Many projects require coordination across different disciplines. A/E engineering can include aspects of architecture, MEP engineering, structural engineering, and other specialties. For example, an architectural engineer will focus on the design of a building and a MEP engineer will plan the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing aspects of the building.

Las Vegas Boulevard

In the spring of 2021, the city of Las Vegas began a three-year project to upgrade a section of Las Vegas Boulevard a short distance north of the Las Vegas Strip. The project includes replacing infrastructure such as underground water utilities and upgrading street level structures and signals.

Many types of engineering professionals will collaborate on this project. Structural and civil engineers will evaluate and upgrade underground utilities. Architecture will work to improve the appearance of the street by planting trees and improving bus stops. Project managers will also collaborate with area businesses along Las Vegas Boulevard to enable continued access during construction. All three of these disciplines will work together to ensure the safety and sustainability of the surrounding structures that are not being replaced.

By working together with A/E engineering, they will create opportunities for new technologies to make the street safer for pedestrians and allow for better traffic flow. For more information on this project, read this article from the Engineering News-Record.

Working Together at OEI

O’Brien Engineering offers full A/E design services to our clients. Our certified team has experience working with different disciplines to find solutions to a variety of engineering challenges. As different area experts work together to create a design and manage the build process, a better design and a seamless build schedule are achieved.

O’Brien Engineering completed a value analysis on the Olin Teague VAMC Surgical Quite Renovation in Temple, Texas several years ago. Value analyses are used to suggest improvements or alternatives to improve the value of a space or system. These analyses also help to streamline projects and look for alternatives to reduce cost while maintaining the sustainability and value of a solution.

Contact O’Brien Engineering today to find the A/E engineering solution for your next building project.