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What Is MEP Design?

What is MEP Design?

A subspecialty of OEI’s engineering and architecture design team is MEP design. What is MEP design? MEP design is made up of three elements that work together to make buildings usable and comfortable spaces for us to live and work. 


The M in MEP design stands for mechanical. This is everything in the building related to heating and cooling such as HVAC systems.


The E in MEP is electrical. Anything that requires electricity is part of the electrical plan. This includes lighting, outlets, and wiring. Electrical designs often include functional and ornamental aspects. 


The P in MEP is plumbing. Clean water needs to be brought into a building, and systems are needed to remove wastewater. 

An Ancient Example

Ancient Rome used a similar system to make flour. The electricity came later, but the mechanical and plumbing designs are impressive even by today’s standards.

An example of Rome’s expertise is shown in the Barbegal Water Mills. Located in present day Southern France, the Barbegal Mills are a watermill complex dating back to second century AD. 

The Romans used a series of aqueducts to supply water to the mills. The water turned the mill generating the power to turn wheat into flour. The use of water resources and plumbing structures created more power and resulted in more flour than any previous methods using other forms of physical labor. 

OEI’s Offers MEP Services and More

In addition to MEP design, OEI also specializes in:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Support Services and Management

Our multidisciplinary approach gives us the edge over other engineering firms to deliver a complete engineering solution through the entire design and build process. To see more about what we can do to create a comprehensive design for you, visit our work page or contact us for more information.