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Trinity River Bridge Project

The Trinity Railway Express is a single-track railway between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Part of this railway includes the historic Trinity River Bridge. Originally built in 1903, this bridge did not meet current standards and transportation demands. The Trinity Railway Express is shared by commuter and freight trains. Freight loads require specific movement and speed restrictions that caused commuter delays. Frequent inspections, monitoring, and maintenance of the bridge were a constant drain on resources. Structural engineering was needed to help address these issues and more.

HVJ Up to the Challenge

HVJ Associates, a Houston based civil engineering firm, took on the challenge of updating the bridge. Many structural engineering challenges were overcome to complete this project. The final plan included adding a second track to reduce train travel times.

The bridge rehabilitation project had a condensed timeline. Work was only allowed to be done at certain times and for specific durations. Other challenges included working around active train tracks, existing structures, and a river. Using diverse structural engineering techniques, the bridge rehabilitation met the strength and sustainability requirements needed for the bridge to function without constant monitoring.

Structural Engineering at OEI

Whether it is a new build or updating current infrastructure, O’Brien Engineering’s team of engineers applies innovative techniques from initial evaluations through the entire design and build process.

Two of our company foundations are continuous improvement and teamwork. Our value of one another and our willingness to collaborate sets us apart from other leading engineering firms. We also continue to pursue knowledge of new and changing industry techniques and standards. O’Brien Engineering has over 30 years of experience. This experience includes working with various private and public organizations to complete projects on varying levels of complexity. Visit the OEI projects page to learn more about how we use many engineering disciplines to