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2021 Outlook for AE Design

We have all been impacted in some way by the COVID-19 global pandemic. Like every industry, the business of engineering continues to face many challenges. In a recent article from the online magazine Consulting Specifying Engineer, engineering leaders discuss the impact of 2020 on industry and what that impact means for 2021. 

Pandemic Setbacks – The Bad News

As society shut down, many projects were put on hold. Many build sites were closed to keep workers safe. This created a huge backlog. 

The number of new projects also drastically dropped. Many states and municipalities were forced to change budgets and divert funds to help pandemic relief. 

When compared with other states, Texas entered the pandemic in a stronger fiscal situation. This is good news for local governments as architectural and engineering (AE) design firms begin to take on or restart projects. As projects begin, many plans will need to be altered to meet new challenges caused by the pandemic.

AE Design Opportunities – The Good News

How do AE designers adapt to new demands? As firms begin taking on new projects, unfamiliar markets are being created for AE design. These opportunities provide potential for growth for many local and regional firms. 

One of the first challenges AE design is overcoming is how to restructure commercial properties. This is important in ensuring that safety protocols can easily be followed. 

With the shift to more online retail, AE design is needed to create efficient facilities. AE design is also needed to design data centers to help process online retail information. 

OEI’s AE Design Team is Right for You

The ability to assess and overcome challenges is one of OEI’s greatest strengths. Our ability to work as a team continues to serve our clients well as we work to adapt to changing demands. 

Even though federal spending priorities may change, OEI continues to partner with federal level agencies on multiple projects. Our team also works with local and private clients to manage through complex federal processes. 

OEI’s wide range of experience working with clients on many different levels sets us apart from other firms. We listen as clients discuss changes in project needs and budget demands while also advising on macro level trends to help create the best possible solution. 

Part of our AE design team’s expertise is to analyze your existing facility and present solutions to operate more effectively and safely. Continued communication through the entire analysis and rehabilitation process ensures success. Contact us today to see how we can help you overcome the challenges of your facility to adapt to the new and changing global market.