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What Is A Certified Floodplain Manager?

OEI: Certified Floodplain Manager

According to FEMA, “Floodplain management is a community-based effort to prevent or reduce the risk of flooding, resulting in a more resilient community.”

Civil engineers with a floodplain manager certification are your best choice when it comes to floodplains and water resource management. Many clients hire an engineering firm to create solutions for water resource management. They may ask, “What is a certified floodplain manager? Why do we need one on our project?”

What is a certified floodplain manager?

To become a certified floodplain manager (CFM), a civil engineer must pass a special knowledge examination to be recognized as an expert in the field. Floodplain managers must be knowledgeable about FEMA and National Flood Insurance Program processes and practices, as well as other regulations for flood plain management. 

Certified Floodplain Managers:

  • Manage risks associated with areas susceptible to flooding
  • Work on coordinating manmade resource management tools and natural conservation projects
  • Analyze flood risks for property insurance
  • Collaborate with various organizations

Why do we need a CFM?

A CFM’s expertise helps clients make informed decisions about water resource solutions. Knowing about floodplain risk is important when local governments create zoning and building codes. The public also needs to be educated about flood risk and what to do if flooding occurs.


The certified floodplain management team at OEI has years of experience. We regularly coordinate with FEMA on multiple projects, including: grant reviews and recommendations, damage assessments, and flood map modernization. 

A benefit of working with an OEI certified floodplain manager is their ability to streamline projects between FEMA and local clients. Our expert knowledge of FEMA practices and regulations provide effortless coordination across all groups to create an innovative water management solution. For more information about how OEI works with FEMA and other agencies, visit our work page.