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Texas Capitol

Texas Capitol Engineering Marvel

Our very own Texas state capitol building is one of Texas’s key engineering marvels. The Texas capitol is an iconic part of Texas’s engineering landscape beginning when it was originally built in 1888. Many of the building’s interior and exterior features are easily recognizable, making this building an important symbol of Texas.

Capitol Restoration and Expansion

Concern was raised in the 1980s about the safety and practicality of the Texas capitol. Several factors such as overcrowding and uncoordinated remodeling made the building unsafe. The building did not meet present-day standards for accessibility and safety. A lot of the original architecture was also lost during remodels. 

The 1990s saw an extensive restoration and expansion project that took five years to complete. This project included updates and historical restoration on the inside and outside of the building while updating the structure to comply with safety standards. 

The extension included a four-story underground system that connected the Texas capitol with other office buildings. It also provided over 600,000 gross square feet of usable space. 

History as Inspiration

The restoration of the Texas capitol is an excellent example of the care, coordination, and expertise it takes a team to update a historic site to meet contemporary requirements while maintaining the aesthetics and honoring the site’s story. 

The architecture department at OEI is mindful of the past while also looking forward to the future. Our team of registered architects and architectural designers seamlessly coordinates with our engineering team to update structural and utility functions while maintaining the historic integrity of a site. 

OEI’s experience with rehabilitation and expansion projects demonstrates our ability to combine technological and aesthetic objectives to meet each client’s specific solution. Whether it is a rehabilitation project or a new site, OEI has the skills and experience to meet all your architecture and engineering needs. Contact us today to discover what OEI can do for you.