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Water Systems Upgrades


WASH infrastructure manages systems that provide water, sanitation, and hygiene. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, the lack of reliable systems is brought to the forefront. The American Society of Civil Engineers discussed the need for water systems upgrades. The article states, “Our best lines of defense against diseases that know no borders must include WASH infrastructure at the sire of an outbreak. Yet billions of people around the world, including the United States, lack adequate WASH infrastructure.” 

By recognizing the need for water systems upgrades, government agencies on all levels are taking a monumental step in the right direction to improve the safety of people all over the world. 

OEI Solves Water Problems

A central drive of OEI is to define a problem then discover the most effective solution to address that problem. Through constant and consistent innovation, OEI works to develop new practices to implement positive and sustainable changes as we partner with a variety of clients to implement water systems upgrades. By assessing each individual system, our expert team can suggest the proper water systems upgrades or design a new build.

One Water Solved

OEI is proud to be the innovator of our One Water Solved program. This patent pending program focuses on creating a more efficient water resource management system for the entire state of Texas. The proposed water system upgrade manages water from rainfall through use and treatment. Aging dams and other existing infrastructure can be upgraded and used to create a system that reduces flooding and produces a better way to store water supply. 

Through effective partnerships with governments and private entities, issues concerning water rights and fund distribution will open opportunities to create a more sustainable water resource management system. By upgrading and connecting existing water systems, Texas will be able to more efficiently recharge and store water resources. Proper use of this system will also lessen or end dependence on other systems while providing clean and reliable water to citizens.