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Water Study

Water Study and Community Planning

A water study provides detailed information on current water resource conditions and makes suggestions for maintenance or repair. These studies provide solutions to challenges such as water quality and availability. 

The need for communities to plan sustainable solutions for future generations is essential. These types of studies help community leaders make decisions that impact citizens for years to come. Many of the nation’s water resource infrastructure systems are aging and in need of monumental repairs. Having access to the information in these types of studies helps allocate funds to community sustainability projects. 

Water Study in North Texas

A recent ASCE article discusses a new water reservoir planned in North Texas and the importance of effective city planning. 

The Upper Trinity Regional Water District located in Denton County, Texas, is working on plans to build a new reservoir. The district currently has a surplus of available drinking water, but analysis showed current resource infrastructure would not be able to maintain the surplus when considering projected community growth. 

Due to effective water resource analysis, the district was given the foresight to make plans before a significant problem occurred. These plans began over twenty years ago. The new reservoir should be completed and providing additional water resources by 2026. 

OEI Water Study Services

OEI has over 30 years of experience delivering effective and sustainable water resource management solutions. It is never too early for a community to plan for future infrastructure needs. This includes resource management and risk reduction when addressing surface water analysis and civil design. 

OEI’s multidisciplinary team has successfully completed projects for multiple communities in our nation, ensuring proper water resource management and increased sustainability and risk reduction. This success also includes strict adherence to budget and timeline goals. Contact OEI today to ensure the viability of your community’s resources.