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Effects of COVID on the Civil Engineering Industry

We are now more than one year into the coronavirus pandemic, and engineers are feeling the effects on their industry and their ability to work.

Understanding How Engineers Had to Cope

Civil engineers provide essential services to municipalities by building and maintaining infrastructure. During pandemic lockdowns and constantly shifting health and safety recommendations, civil engineering work was considered essential.

Many engineers saw an increased use of technology due to distancing protocols and remote work requirements. Others used their innovative talent to develop strategies to implement safety measures, creating safe work environments. Essential maintenance workers adapted to protect themselves and their teams while performing work that requires in person interaction. 

The Role Engineers Play in a Post-Pandemic World

As we move forward and overcome the challenges associated with the pandemic, civil engineers and their teams play an important role in economic stimulation. As governments work on stimulus legislation and infrastructure projects, more jobs are created to complete and maintain new and existing projects. 

In a recent ASCE article author Ben Walpole checked in with 33 different engineers originally interviewed for a podcast one year ago to see how the coronavirus pandemic is still affecting their work and communities. He asked them all the same questions:

  • What’s been the most personally challenging aspect of the last year for you?
  • What’s been the biggest change in your work/career?
  • When do you see things returning to normal? 
  • What do you think is civil engineering’s role in a post-pandemic recovery? 

Many engineers found working remotely to be very challenging. They are unsure if there will be a return to normal. The pandemic unearthed several issues that provided an opportunity to improve some engineering practices. As the world recovers from the pandemic, civil engineers will continue to ensure proper development and management of infrastructure and resources on many levels of our society. 

Innovation in a Time of Need

Being in a pandemic for over a year has given us plenty of time to reflect. O’Brien Engineering Inc. continues to adapt and use our expertise to develop engineering and design solutions for public and private clients. Contact us today to learn how O’Brien Engineering’s three decades of innovation and flexibility in multiple engineering disciplines makes OEI the right partner for your next project.