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GIS Mapping

Client Success Story

OEI uses multiple tools and techniques to provide our clients with the most efficient and cost-effective solution possible. Two of these tools are complex modeling software called HEC and GIS. The expert use of these programs allows us to analyze each part of a system to ensure quality and function. 

Recently OEI’s team of design and engineering experts created a drainage plan for a private developer. Through the skilled use of HEC and GIS mapping software, OEI’s design saved this developer nearly $4.5 million in construction costs. The initial budget was $6 million. The resulting plan cost is one-fourth of the original budget. 

What is HEC software?

HEC, which stands from hydrological engineering center, is software that creates a model of water flow. This software is also used to create one and two dimensional models that perform the necessary hydraulic calculations to create an efficient water flow system. 

What is GIS?

Have you ever used a map app on your phone for directions? Or a car navigation system? If so, you are familiar with GIS mapping. 

A GIS (or geographic information system) is a map that is connected to information. These interactive maps can be used to analyze a system and aid engineers in the creation of better management plans. GIS mapping not only allows industry professionals to see a system before it is built, but also lets them run simulations to aid in making wise project management and future maintenance decisions. 

GIS Mapping at OEI
GIS mapping and database development are tools that are integral to the OEI water resource management design process. These tools are applied to virtually all our water resource projects. Being able to successfully use and interpret technology and system data allows us to save our clients time and money. From private projects to federal flood map coordination, OEI has the capability to analyze any system and create the best design for your water management needs.