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Municipal Engineering

Municipal Engineering

Municipal engineering is an important part of city management. Living in an urban environment creates specific challenges. Designing and building infrastructure systems such as utilities or road layout are important municipal engineering jobs. By gathering structural data and input from residents and government officials, municipal engineers create systems that benefit an entire community. 

OEI’s Municipal Services

OEI seeks long-term relationships with our municipal clients. We work with our clients throughout the entire municipal engineering process. Other firms might provide a solution and disappear, but OEI will continue to provide service until the initial project is complete, including future maintenance plans if needed. The quality of our work is evident in the sustainability of our municipal engineering solutions. 

Our municipal sector services include:

  • Program and Project Management
  • Site Development and Construction Phase Services
  • Dam Engineering, Levee Safety, and Water Rights Permits
  • Floodplain Services
  • Erosion Control and Creek/Stream Bank Slope Stability
  • Local Street and Alley Reconstruction Design
  • Storm Sewer Analysis and Design
  • Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Design
  • Strategic Regulatory Permitting, Regulatory Coordination/Approvals
  • And more

A History of Great Service

Our first municipal client was the City of Farmers Branch, Texas in 1987. After more than thirty years of business we continue to serve them. OEI is dedicated to defining challenges and creating innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the needs of each unique municipality. 

OEI’s list of current municipal projects includes:

  • City of Carrollton Program Management and Floodplain Administrator
  • City of Dallas Love Field Parking and Taxicab Queuing Facility
  • Town of Highland Park Hackberry and Turtle Creek Master plan
  • City of Farmers Branch Crooks Creek Channel Stabilization
  • City of Mineral Wells Hazards Mitigation Grant Preparations Support

We work with each municipality to assess their unique environmental demands to provide the best infrastructure solutions. Contact us to learn how OEI can meet your city’s specific municipal engineering needs.