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Civil Engineers

ASCE Landmark

Civil engineers design, build, and operate many structures and systems. The ability to assess and predict trends that align with a client’s needs are necessary in providing effective and sustainable solutions. Part of this process also involves sourcing the best materials available. 

An Example of Ingenuity and Sustainability

A recent American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) article highlighted Old Hangar 9. The ingenuity and efficient engineering process employed in the design and construction of this project helped prepare the United States for World War I. 

Old Hangar 9 is located at Brooks Air Force Base near San Antonio, Texas. As the United States’ involvement in World War I became imminent, many needs quickly surfaced. One of these was the need for airfields. By taking advantage of locally available materials and workers, civil engineers were able to design and build the original hangar buildings at Brooks Air Force Base in less than one year. 

Once completed, the hangars functioned as the center of the United States Army flight training program. Hangar 9 and the other buildings that were part of the project were meant to be temporary structures, but the sixteen structures were used for more than forty years.

Three of the original hangars remain. In 1969, the military, in partnership with the local community, completed a restoration project of Hangar 9 that now houses the Museum of Aerospace Medicine. Hangar 9 holds the record for oldest military hangar on any U.S. military installation and is an official ASCE engineering history landmark. 

Architectural Services at OEI

OEI is dedicated to learning from past examples while staying current on industry trends. By using the most current and sustainable resources available, our team provides clients with innovative solutions to the most complex construction challenges.
Our expert team of architecture and civil engineers work through four phases of each project. Through schematic design, design development, construction documentation, and construction, the OEI team works directly with clients to align each aspect of the project with predetermined goals. Contact us today to find out more about what our experts can do to make your next architecture or engineering project a success.