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Facility Condition Assessments

Facility Condition Assessments

A facility condition assessment is part of an audit to analyze structures. These assessments look for any depreciation in a structure and determine the cause. The assessment is then used to create a plan to delay, stop, or reverse any issues. These analyses have a standard process that coincide with industry standards so structures can be compared. The ratings vary based on the purpose of the structure. 

The Importance of Assessment

Facility condition assessments give planners hard evidence to use when making decisions. Information included can be the current state of a structure or even the cost to rehabilitate or maintain as well as predict future issues. Building codes change over time. A facility condition assessment can identify anything that needs to be updated to come into compliance with current standards of safety and accessibility. Assessments also help prioritize projects based on severity of issues and give indications of how funds should be allocated in project budgets. 

Five Steps to Success

Facility Executive provides “5 Steps to A Successful Facility Condition Assessment” that we find very useful. 

  1. Mobilizing a team and arranging for access to the assessment site
  2. Data collection
  3. Data analysis
  4. Report preparation
  5. Presentation of the report

These steps create a quick and professional process to aid facility owners in decision making. 

OEI Facility Condition Assessment Strategies

OEI maintains a record of successful coordination of multi-jurisdictional projects. Our facility condition assessment clients include the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP). 

Facility condition assessments are time sensitive, so it is important to streamline the process from analysis to strategy implementation. Our team works with clients in the federal and municipal sectors to seamlessly navigate the process from assessment to permitting and building.

By creating a comprehensive assessment, OEI provides our clients with the information needed to make decisions to move forward with the rehabilitation and maintenance plans of their structure.