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Fort Worth District USACE Risk Management Reports

Water resources development and maintenance is very important to the success of our communities. The leading agency working with water resources in the United States is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, or USACE. The USACE Institute of Water Resources works to coordinate projects that maintain and operate complex systems of infrastructure focused on our nation’s water. 

How does USACE work with water?

There are several main areas USACE works with communities to provide effective and sustainable plans concerning water resources. Some of the mission areas include:

  • Flood Risk Management
  • Navigation
  • Hydropower
  • Water Supply
  • Recreation
  • And more

Many of these mission areas work together. For example, using an area that is prone to flooding as a recreational area demonstrates effective floodplain management. People can still use the area for activities such as hiking or observing nature, but flood risk is minimized by not allowing homes or businesses to be in the area. 

Providing Value

Each year USACE prepares a budget that estimates the value provided to the nation. They report program value “in terms of each program’s contributions to national economic development (NED) benefits and revenues to the U.S. Department of the Treasury (U.S. Treasury).”

One of the largest civil works programs of USACE is flood risk management. As USACE operates and maintains infrastructure as well as analyzing potential flood risks, they prepare specific reports for each state and an Annual Flood Damage Report that is presented to congress. 

OEI and Fort Worth District USACE

OEI maintains a positive relationship with Fort Worth District USACE. We have a history of successfully completed projects in the discipline of floodplain management. 

The most recent report available from USACE concerning the benefits provided to the state of Texas was published in 2020. These benefits are “an estimate of the monetary value of damages that floods would have caused in the absence of USACE investments that were put in place to prevent those damages.” It reports that USACE projects provided the state with over $16.5 billion of floodplain management benefits. The work OEI completed in partnership with Fort Worth District USACE contributed to this value.

OEI’s Water Resource Team
With more than three decades of experience as a water resources firm, we have the knowledge and ability to solve the most complex floodplain management problems. By effective coordination with private citizens, communities, and national level agencies we provide each client with a smooth process. Contact us today to start creating the best floodplain management solution for your property or community.