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Civil And Environmental Engineering

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Many communities face aging or failing water infrastructure systems. How can engineers overcome these issues and keep the water flowing? In response to a report published by the American Water Works Association (AWWA), a CS Magazine article addresses how civil and environmental engineering helps the municipal water sector. The main take away from the AWWA report and others is there are many challenges to municipal water infrastructures with no specific plans to be addressed. The author of the CS Magazine article, Graham Nasby, lists several ways civil and environmental engineering can help. OEI addresses each of these issues with every client on every project. 

Client Communication

It is important to understand how a project fits in with the long-term funding models and plans of each client. By providing detailed project sequencing we advise our clients to enable realistic budget planning. OEI has a long record of honoring client’s goals and budget guidelines consistently completing a project under budget.

OEI effectively communicates with our clients. We work with our clients to find the best possible solution that fits within budget restrictions. By taking time to educate clients on proposed solutions, they can make the best decisions for their civil and environmental engineering needs. 

Following Best Practices

By promoting best practices and updating processes based on experience OEI provides the best experience and product available. Best practices apply to design and construction as well as documentation and permitting. OEI also takes the time to invest in our team making sure each member is ethical, accountable, and competent. 

OEI’s Water Solution

OEI has a patent pending solution to the water infrastructure issues in Texas we call One Water Solved. By rehabilitation and connecting existing systems this solution will help Texas solve its water infrastructure crisis. 

We actively seek new municipalities and other agencies in need of water resource and infrastructure solutions. Our civil and environmental engineering expertise along with our mindfulness of budget will provide your community with the most efficient and sustainable system completed within time and budgets requirements. Contact us today to begin an assessment of your civil and environmental engineering needs.