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Construction Administration

Construction Administration News: Strategic regulatory permitting. What is it?

Among other specialties the OEI construction administration team has shown time again their ability to navigate extremely complex permitting processes. “Strategic regulatory permitting” is a phrase OEI adopted to describe our ability to streamline regulatory approval processes. 

Because OEI has been focused on solving water issues for 30 years, we have developed efficiencies in streamlining the permitting processes and developing relationships with and a reputation among regulatory agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). These positive relationships allow OEI to deftly navigate and work within the parameters of the complex regulatory process. 

An example of the strategic permitting process is cross agency coordination when it comes to water resource management. A city might own the infrastructure, but water is coming from a regionally controlled dam whose regulations must comply with FEMA flood control standards concerning floodplain permitting and risk assessments. 

OEI Better Navigates Complications

Various regulatory agency rules often compete and conflict with each other on the same property. Many firms do not have the experience or expertise to navigate this complex and narrowly specialized sector. Because of this they run into setbacks that cost clients time and money.

How do we know? We know other agencies are not able to provide the same level of strategic regulatory permitting because we have worked with many companies, agencies, and individuals who started working with another firm before giving up until they found OEI.

OEI has partnered with federal agencies for over 20 years. These projects have included construction administration, MEP design, flood risk assessments, water resource condition studies, and more. We have the experience and expertise to guide you through the regulatory permitting process. 

From private citizens to municipalities and regional coordination, OEI will help you through the permitting process. Contact us today to see how OEI can meet your architectural, engineering, or construction administration needs.