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Substantial Damage Estimates (SDEs)

OEI’s recent experience providing SDEs has given us the opportunity to help flood ravaged communities and given us firsthand insight into the process and FEMA’s management of the overall objectives. ¬†Data is collected on residential and non-residential structures for use by local communities to make substantial damage determinations. Data is collected using the FEMA Substantial Damage Estimator tool, and includes information on structural attributes, flood levels, and damage percentages. When a structure in a floodplain is substantially damaged, it must be brought into compliance with local codes and ordinances meeting minimum National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) regulations. Communities participating in the NFIP are required to make these substantial damage determinations and enforce floodplain regulations. Following a widespread disaster, many communities need assistance in collecting the information necessary to make their determinations. Inspectors can support this task, allowing communities to focus their efforts on recovery.


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