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Electric Scooters

Have you seen the electric scooters popping up all over the place, particularly in the Metroplex? New studies show they might not be as great for the environment (or for transportation) as you might think.

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Safety First!

Safety is a huge part of our business - which is why we were interested to read about how radar is preventing road and workplace fatalities, partially by eliminating blind spots!

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#ICYMI: O'Brien Engineering, Inc is proud to announce that by winning VISN 22, we will be providing a broad range of A/E services under a new 5-year $20M IDIQ contract on VA facilities (hospitals, clinics, administrate, infrastructure) in California, Arizona…

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Read a Book Day!

Looking for a good #CivilEngineering book to read today in celebration of #ReadABookDay? GoodReads has 428 books listed on their Civil Engineering shelf. The only question is: which one?!

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