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United States Flag on gravesites at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day

After serving our federal government for over a decade as a subconsultant and as a prime on several single issue contracts, OEI was awarded our first long-term (5-year) IDIQ contract in 2015.  The AE $15M capacity contract was issued by the Fort Worth District of the US Army Corps of Engineers, Engineering and Construction Support Office.  It allows us to not only serve the Fort Worth District but other USACE Districts and other federal agencies (Department of Homeland Security, VA, etc); it is a nationwide and OCONUS contract.  So far we have provided facility condition assessments (FCA), surveying, flood reporting, CMT, design build RFP preparation, and more to a variety of clients like Customs and Border Protection, National Cemetery Administration, and of course, the Fort Worth District.  More details: contract snapshot.

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